Autism is part of me… yet friends reject that part of me and fall out with me for it.

I have been thinking the entire day as I haven’t done a lot. I didn’t even go out for a walk today. I want to point out a concept here which has crossed my mind several times in my life. If I had a physical condition which sometimes went a bit off course then I wouldn’t get people falling out with me. However, when I make a decision due to how my autism affects me… it is totally the opposite. Others walk away because they don’t see that as part of my illness. That really isn’t fair. That is also the reason that I simply cannot settle ever in my life. It would be seen as mean if someone ditched a person for being unable to walk. But when it comes to mental health, behaviour problems etc it is seen as totally reasonable. It still isn’t right and it hurts because autism is not a choice and it doesn’t mean I don’t feel hurt about being ditched.

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