Withdrawing. I need to be alone.

I am still awake at a stupid hour. I was crying for a few hours. It wasn’t even a conscious effort to cry. It was the type where the pain inside makes your eyes start tearing up. I am about to settle to sleep for a while after getting the cats in, then shutting the window now that they are settled. It is far too cold to leave it open for them to come and go at the moment.

I don’t even care anymore. I’m emotionally done with other people. I’m not even bothered if others ever want to speak to me again. If others wish to gossip about me… go ahead… not bothered. I don’t particularly care about being the subject of gossip. I am a blogger, my thoughts are out there for anyone to judge. That is just a part of that life. I just want to go off and be alone at the moment. I am just so tired of people. I have my cat cleaning his bum next to me on the bed which is distracting my thought process writing this entry. I am far away in my own head anyway. I just don’t want to do people and social interactions for the time being. I have so much more to sort out, like moving … finding somewhere else to live first due to my current place being taken back to be sold in April. I just want to be away from others energies because they’re exhausting.

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