Well it has been one of those days!

I was so tired when I woke up after barely sleeping but at least I ate something and didn’t miss my medication which helps not have awful days in rows. I got ready to go the gym. I got a drink at the shop but then realised that I had forgotten my gym swipe card so had to then swing back home. I got someone joke (in fun not malice) about how cold it must be out there with how pale I look today. I am pale anyway (combined with lightening my hair) but haven’t been very well so I look more sheet coloured than normal. I also haven’t been out in daylight for a few days. Then as I drove into my flat car park to go fetch what I forgot … my drink had spilt in my car! I ended up with lots of greasy ends on my hair due to my brushes having oil left on them after I had used them to brush the oil into the ends after bleaching and colouring process. I am just in a chaotic haze at the moment … like I am jinxed!

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