I haven’t made a decision yet.

I am still doing a video at some point on TikTok directed at the other person who threw their dummy out the pram and blocked me over what happened. I am not feeling up to doing it yet. I also need to make my mind which approach I am going to take … that has become apparent after the video which I accidentally saw on my fyp page. Some people need to be told straight rather than begged for forgiveness. I can’t let them think that I am someone that they can walk all over and disregard all that I did do for them before I stupidly delved too deep. I may need to swear a bit. I don’t like doing that on video but they did about me in their video so in this case I will make an exception. I am just going to lose out in relationships if I don’t learn to put people in their place and stop them taking advantage. This is hard for me because I am a quiet shy person when it comes to speaking up to tell another it is absolutely unacceptable in the way that they are talking about me ’behind my back’ … which turned out that it didn’t stay behind my back! I don’t like that behaviour. I at least admitted what I had done behind their back. Those comments and total coldness from them in that video has been keeping me awake! They have no right to put me through that! That is just as out of order. They were well aware that I was taking a huge risk by letting down my guard to trust them. They knew that I was still delicate from my own stuff. They are old enough to know better but seriously it doesn’t seem like age means anything. I was ok with their immature nature but when it verges on cruel that is too much. I had enough of that in school and college being the girl that was an outsider in nature.

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