Day: January 4, 2022

  • I haven’t made a decision yet.

    I am still doing a video at some point on TikTok directed at the other person who threw their dummy out the pram and blocked me over what happened. I am not feeling up to doing it yet. I also need to make my mind which approach I am going to take … that has […]

  • Well it has been one of those days!

    I was so tired when I woke up after barely sleeping but at least I ate something and didn’t miss my medication which helps not have awful days in rows. I got ready to go the gym. I got a drink at the shop but then realised that I had forgotten my gym swipe card […]

  • Withdrawing. I need to be alone.

    I am still awake at a stupid hour. I was crying for a few hours. It wasn’t even a conscious effort to cry. It was the type where the pain inside makes your eyes start tearing up. I am about to settle to sleep for a while after getting the cats in, then shutting the […]

  • I just don’t get it.

    I have probably over thought stuff. However, I am still trying to understand how neurotypicals work. I don’t know how they can pretend when it comes to how they feel. I messed up big time but it is like my friend had no feelings toward me after I saw the video on the TikTok fyp […]