I am going to be quiet tonight because I have been tidying my flat while putting the colour on my hair which probably won’t go that bright because it lifted quite gingery. I can’t be bothered to lift it again. I don’t want to strip my hair too much because it might break off. I haven’t been out today. I was sleeping until later this afternoon. In the next few days I am going to be doing a video that I am only going to be posting on TikTok addressing my friend who I met on there that currently isn’t speaking to me. I want to be sincere and if I am prepared to say it in front of everyone that shows I mean my words and feelings are true. I am mentally not in the position to do it tonight. I need to loosely script it or I’m just going to freeze not covering all I want or need to say. It may not repair anything but things said on video are more expressive than any written communication. I am logging off now to watch the masked singer for a while.

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