Day: January 2, 2022

  • I know that they’re angry. I randomly saw a video on my fyp page via TikTok.

    I just saw TikTok and a video came up which showed the other person talking about what I had done. I thought that I was becoming a friend not a stranger. I cannot apologise enough and that means nothing because there is nothing that I can do to take back what I did. The fact […]

  • Plans.

    I am going to be quiet tonight because I have been tidying my flat while putting the colour on my hair which probably won’t go that bright because it lifted quite gingery. I can’t be bothered to lift it again. I don’t want to strip my hair too much because it might break off. I […]

  • I just can’t right now. I need space too.

    I care very much about certain others but I have to walk away. I thought about everything while listening to music most of the night. That hasn’t helped with how tired I am at the moment. I have decided that I emotionally can’t right now. I may understand a lot of stuff but I am […]