Day: January 1, 2022

  • I didn’t really do much with the 1st day of the year.

    I was sleeping most of the day because I constantly kept waking up last night so by the time the day time came I ended up feeling like crap. I got up, put my gym kit on but never got there. I wasn’t well because my stomach was playing up. I feel like I am […]

  • Fell asleep for most of the day. Mentally I am struggling with everything.

    I fell asleep for most of the day. I woke up too late to take my medication, but one day won’t hurt. Mimi (cat) decided to join me for my long sleep. I think that she knows I am sad because for once she isn’t pestering me for food. She just curled up next to […]

  • I don’t deserve this… I made a mistake, people do.

    I am now blocked on every platform so I presume that my mistake has cost me the friendship for good otherwise I wouldn’t be blocked via every social media. Yes, I did a shitty thing which in the cold reflection of now was the worse decision I could have made. I do not deserve to […]

  • Sleep / wake cycle all night!

    I am not sure if I actually slept. I have constantly woken up so I feel like I haven’t. I am extremely unsettled with things that have gone on. I can’t just ’snap our of it’. Mentally it hasn’t done me any good. I am not wanting to go off the rails on a self […]