Month: January 2022

  • Sensory overload today.

    I know that the weather is nice and bright with sun albeit a bit windy. I probably should be getting sunlight as my skin is quite itchy / dry at the moment. However, after a week of being up during the day I have reached exhaustion mode. I can’t do anything properly yet. I had […]

  • Severe aches after exercise.

    I really don’t see the point of putting myself through this torture of severe aches after exercise if I am no longer losing weight. I am going to start having smaller portions of food this week. I am rather bad at over indulging on breakfast cereal so that needs to be cut down. I have […]

  • Well things aren’t getting better.

    The first week I have quit drinking has seen me gain another 2 lbs. I am stuck at the 180 lbs mark. Before someone says that muscle is replacing body fat. That hadn’t changed on the measure either. Ditching alcohol hasn’t helped matters. I feel more toned but I am still bigger than average. I […]

  • Functioning ’normally’ is difficult.

    I simply cannot stand the way my brain works sometimes. I woke up quite late. I cannot stand the thought of what I have to do today let alone have any desire to do it. I have taken my medication which hopefully gives me that push once it kicks in. I have been clinging on […]

  • In bed by half 10… absolutely exhausted.

    I was too exhausted to finish all the housework that I had left. I ended up dragging myself to bed at about 10 pm. I pushed myself harder than ever this week. I don’t think that I have lost weight yet but I sure as hell ache from the effort I have put in. I […]