I don’t know if I am being manipulated…

I am autistic so I am not always sure if I am being manipulated or not. I have just found out stuff about a new friend who I absolutely adored at first. I then start questioning whether they are manipulating me. I would like to think that they have changed from how they used to be but I cannot be sure. I just have to trust that they have changed a little at least. I don’t want anyone to take advantage of my kindness. I have been quite giving toward them. They have disappeared over Christmas (they did say this in advance). I am hoping it isn’t a manipulation tactic. They said that they are struggling with Christmas due to how it affects me and I believe them. I can be naïve though. I sometimes get the impression that they don’t particularly care. I understand that others sometimes have a lot going on in their head. I can’t say that I am never selfish when it comes to my own needs. I didn’t want them to go offline for christmas but I know that I can’t tell them what to either nicely or brutally. People don’t want demanding friends. The other person is neurotypical (not autistic) so they could use all those grey areas to covertly manipulate me. I understand mental health due to my own experiences. I just don’t want to be used by anyone.

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