Crying … now I know the truth.

I have just blocked my new friend on TikTok after she had a go at me for trying to do something with the intention of helping behind her back. I was watching corrie the other night where Abi’s kids came back to see her. They were adopted a while back. I knew that this person’s son wouldn’t speak to her for reasons that I cannot go into here or in any conversation outside of the blog due to confidentiality. I told them what I had done because I didn’t want her to find out from other places. She completely told me that I crossed her boundaries and to never contact her again. That isn’t the reason why I blocked her. I won’t have anyone telling me how I feel. That I don’t really love her because I don’t know her. If I didn’t care even a little bit then why would I have gone to the trouble to send her some of her favourite sweets in the post? She even admitted that I was the only one that messaged her to see if she was ok at times. Then she showed her true colours by telling me that basically I am nothing to her and the only person that meant anything to her was her son. I knew that so that is why I tried to talk to him … not in her behalf, because I know what the pain is like to live without my own son. The truth hurts but at least I know that she hasn’t really changed from her past now. I am understanding due to having autism and parts of bpd but I feel used right now. I tried to delete Tiktok but my account won’t let me but I am not going back on there. They even admitted that they joined the platform to take the piss. So, I believe that they just do not care about anything, only there to feel loved, get gifts via their wish list and use others for self gratification.

14 responses to “Crying … now I know the truth.”

  1. As an observer it sounds like you both have trust issues (well, hardly surprising) and are perhaps quite alike. I’m kinda hoping something can be salvaged and… well, I’ll leave it at that for now.


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