Others must have had this issue.

I downloaded the Nutri Coach app a few weeks ago. This is the free version which has worked perfectly up until yesterday. I have checked the country settings on both my phone (it went this way after I gave it permission to synch my steps counter with it – part of the health section on my iphone) and the app. They are all set on united kingdom but when I try to type in food products the search choices are all american foods. That isn’t helpful to me at all due to our food brands being completely different between both countries. I have reported it as a bug on the app but still awaiting a response. If anyone has any suggestions or its happening to you (which suggests it may be an app malfunction) please let me know. I can’t use the app properly with it doing this… it doesn’t even recognise chips (americans call them fries and crisps chips etc). I am experienced enough to know if I have eaten too much calories and not balanced it with enough exercise but the detail and calculations of the app makes it so much easier to track progress.

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