Alternative Christmas message…

I wasn’t sure when I was going to do my Christmas message because sometimes I post on Christmas Day. I have decided to have the day off tomorrow as at a relatives house for dinner. So yes, this is my alternative Christmas message. I am on the move walking while writing this so it may be a little disjointed. I have a supermarket bag which is quite full and my handbag on my shoulder. l am attempting to type one handed. I have just deleted a load of meat photos off my phone. I looked a right weirdo and went to all that trouble for my mum just to look at them and proceed to go to her normal supermarket despite saying the meat quality wasn’t good enough for Christmas dinner. I don’t even normally eat meat which makes it look even weirder taking photos in several different supermarkets. I only eat meat now when I go to another person’s home who is serving it. Anyway, whether you do Christmas or not, I just want to say hope its ok for you over the next 48 hours. Those of you who don’t enjoy Christmas remember it is over in 48 hours.

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  1. Do you reckon this is also how the Queen writes her Christmas message? It doesn’t really matter either way, it’s now my official view of how it’s done.

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