I was up at half 7. I know… I’m shocked too!

I got up at half 7 this morning. I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had washed my hair by 8am this morning. I had confirmed that I was withdrawing from my open university module by half 9 this morning. I had done my food shop and was at the gym by half 10 this morning. I weighed myself at the gym. I lost another lb but gained a massive percentage of fat. That was 42% last time, now its 47%. I have overdone it on the bread and not been the gym the last week due to my monthly making it impossible to move. I am 12 stone 13 lbs now. If I cut down on the things that I am consciously aware that I snack too much on. I can have two sandwiches rather than 4 slices. I also haven’t drank so much water the last week. I can have less pepsi max and diet pepsi’s however my app says they contain no fat. I may have washed my hair but it is a right mess. I went out with it half dry so I couldn’t put it up so it was literally getting caught in everything while shopping. I also looked like a right weirdo taking a photo of the meat in three different supermarkets. There was a reason. Mum wanted me to go around to see what was the best quality and price for christmas dinner. The only way I can show her is to take photos. So, for anyone who saw me doing it, I am not going insane… at least not at this point.

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