Issues since I woke up this morning!

I woke up feeling really awful after only a few hours sleep. Then I tried to use my printer which decided not to work. The ink had dried up after not using it for a few months. I needed it to work to print a label out for the coat that I sold on vinted last night. I just bought a new one from the supermarket so hopefully that is one issue sorted, get it packed tonight and sent tomorrow. I didn’t see daylight again. I haven’t for a few days. I haven’t been awake during the day. I haven’t officially quit my university course yet but I discussed it earlier with the tutor. They try to be helpful but they can’t really help with my issues. I literally am mentally being negatively affected by even participating in studying. It is causing my insomnia because it makes me hate being awake just thinking of doing it. That is why I cannot complete carry in with it.

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