I did better today.

I stayed in bed for longer than planned but at least I got up, dressed and went for a walk. I needed to as I was getting fat and bloated. I can’t stay inactive for long because I won’t lose any more weight. I can’t burn my excess christmas calories due to the fact that the gym is closed this year due to the anti social behaviour around the area where it is located. Again… the idiots spoiling everyone else’s plans. Unlike the people who vandalised the place (they are nornally skinny with no fat on them whatsoever) some of us are naturally built larger and need to maintain some form of control of our bodies especially as we are getting older!

You’ll all find out exactly what I mean in 10, 20 years when you find yourselves expanding without trying. I am not being a grumpy 30 something, this is merely the reality! All the stuff you did as a youngster will catch up with you physically. I have extremely bad itchy skin today. The leg that I injured both in my ankle and knee has a pocket of fluid floating in it. I injured my knee in my early 20s. That kept swelling up ever so often for many years. I only sprained my ankle earlier this year after that was finally starting to settle down. Eventually the body that you were given tells you to go f yourself. I have to move in April despite really not being in the right condition. I am knocked out most of the time. I can’t rely on someone buying the flat from the current owners for the purposes of letting it out. Plus, they definitely won’t want that option as they will lose a lot of money on a sale without a sitting tenant. It is happening all around the country. I have pulled off some really fluky stuff in my life but there is too many properties being sold as a whole to pull any strings that would involve me not having to move out. There are people with worse health conditions that have been chucked out of flats recently due to landlords selling up. That is why I know the chances are less than slim.

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