I already hate myself.

I posted about seeing a lone small terrier like dog on my way home last night. I didn’t pick it up and I have hated myself for that decision the entire night. I really wanted to stop. It was 1 am in the morning and I was on my own in the car. I knew that there was a car coming further up the road so I flicked my lights to make it get out the middle of the road. That way he was not in the way of the other car coming through there after me. It walked back onto the pavement on the side where there was a row of houses rather than running away so I guessed it had an idea where it should be. I figured that it may have escaped from a garden when let out to go toilet. I was really conflicted driving home. I wanted to go back because I know how people speed through those little villages regularly. I am still a little afraid of dogs. I wasn’t confident to pick it up because animals know when we are unsure or afraid. I have two cats who would have been a little afraid if I had bought a dog home. I had nothing to feed him and it was too late to swing by anywhere to get dog food. I alerted local groups because that is the best option I could think of at that time which might get someone else closer in the same village to take it in if they saw it wandering around that street. I hope that it is ok because I felt torn about leaving it. I went the long way home because I wanted to chill out a bit before I got home. I only went that way by pure chance. The last thing I expected was to see a dog roaming about on its own and definitely not stood in the middle of the road.

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  1. Oh I understand your dilemma. I would feel guilty too. I hope that dog isn’t a stray and was just wandering around its home. but that does beg the question of why it was out at 1am in the morning on a fairly busy road. What were the owners doing?? Hoping that dog is safe and warm 🙂


    • It isn’t that busy but it’s a through road so cars are speeding through the countryside when they use it. He didn’t look like a stray. He looked quite well cared for. They probably let him out to go toilet and he got through a hole in their fence/gate.

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