I got my sleep pattern back.

I had 3 hours sleep last night and 3 this morning. That is good considering I had slept most of yesterday. I didn’t have any alcohol last night which stopped me waking up every hour either for the toilet or due to the ingredients making me hyper. I was up properly by lunch time. The cats looked surprised. They’ve got used to me sleeping until late afternoon and being awake all night. I got some of the housework done so my surroundings look less of a mess now. I changed my bedding so I have nice clean sheets to get into along with freshly washed / dried and ironed pjs. I did the checks to my car in regard to the water oil and making sure the tyres are the right pressure. I finally managed to get a parking spot in the car park. It is quite busy at the moment… I keep having to park on the grass outside because there is no room later on in the day when I get home.

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