I completely rested today.

I couldn’t do anything today. I had to rest. I didn’t even bother getting dressed. I have a sore eye (lazy eye that doesn’t work properly anyway). The corners get crusty bits in them. I have lost a lot of my eyelashes the last few months because of my eyes running. I shouldn’t drink alcohol when my body is tired. That means it has to fight off a poison and that is probably going to make me tired for longer after gym sessions. Then I end up feeling like I am too heavy to get up.

Insomnia again :(

This insomnia is starting to get annoying now. I need to quit alcohol again because it isn’t helping. I can see more bloat after a few days of daily alcohol consumption. I don’t want to drink any longer but I am so used to being in that pattern now. It doesn’t help my insomnia or weight loss goals. I can’t quit certain things for good and it is getting quite annoying. I feel like I am in a battle with myself. I am not winning right now so I am stressed out.