Been anxious the entire day for something which ended up not happening.

I ended up not getting the medication review phone call. I had all that anxiety the whole week for something that didn’t end up happening. I am tired due to waking up this afternoon in preparation for the phone appointment. I have been in bed the entire day because I am fed up. I forgot to even take my medication today. I just don’t like Christmas because it is for families and mine (my son) was stolen from me. I don’t have any parties to go to because I don’t work for a business or company, the little bits I do are freelance and independent. I have still left housework which is making the place look a mess. its a battle to even get out of bed today but I can’t not do it. I waited all afternoon for the phone call that I didn’t get. I am autistic, that means the switching between tasks thing is difficult. I didn’t want to start housework and get the call because it would be only half done.

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