I’m fed up of this Covid situation now. We are being eased into a January full lockdown restrictions… wake up.

I have been one of the people who have cooperated all the way through. However, now I am totally fed up. I have got a text and an email saying that I haven’t had the booster yet. I absolutely know that is incorrect because I had the booster nearly a month ago. The system is totally disorganized; no wonder all of us are getting stressed over the minor details. It seems like they are slowly taking us back into a post Christmas lockdown. I refuse to be called selfish for this next comment. I have been completely reasonable for the entirety of the pandemic situation so far. I have been understanding, took precautions and limited my social contacts (despite the fact that I do not like to socialize in general). I wear a mask a lot even though I am technically mask except due to having a form of Autism. I have tried to look after everyone else to get them through the whole of the last few years. I even did Christmas last year to cheer people up. We hadn’t put the tree up in years due to not being up to it after my son’s adoption. We just have to say enough is enough at some point. I am not an anti anything. I was accepting of the situation that we were all in for a long time. I just don’t feel the same recently. I reluctantly took the booster because it was the right thing to do. There are too many things coming out, for example, the MP’s party during lockdown last Christmas. We were all in lockdown not seeing anyone, where as they decided that the covid laws didn’t apply to them and that they could just ‘ignore’ the guidelines.

Anyway, we are dangerously heading toward another lockdown. I wish that I could be less pessimistic but I feel that they are introducing ‘Plan B’ restrictions in order to ease us into full restrictions in January. They are going to use the excuse that the levels of the variant has increased expeditiously (due to people getting together for Christmas) to justify the decision. I personally have a problem with a January lockdown because the Gym will close and completely reverse my progress. Also, my new friend is coming to visit in January due to having some time off of work. That will be the first time we have met in person and it might be called off by the whole Covid situation; there is probably going to be a new variant found or something along those lines that ‘spreads faster’ or is ‘more deadly’. Aside from my personal plans being dashed by another lockdown; there is a point where we just have to say we aren’t doing this crap anymore. As long as we are all careful, wear a mask and make sure we test ourselves regularly whilst keeping a distance as much as possible we should be fine without any future lockdowns. I just don’t buy this scientific stuff that we are being told to justify these decisions. Even colds mutate, most diseases and conditions have mutations; most of these spread quite rapidly but are actually quite harmless. The vaccine and the booster will be of some protection even if the mutation spikes are not exactly the same. It is common sense, looking at the example of cold/flu being a type of covid related virus, all part of the same family. Yes, this Coronavirus is a lot more severe but that is why we are being vaccinated. That is basically the same as the flu vaccinations back when they were first developed. The flu has now been weakened so much by many people taking those types of vaccinations. There is no way that the flu virus hasn’t mutated since it first manifested into our population. I have looked at the facts and do not believe the scientific views of the official government advisors with these so called scientific qualifications. I think that they have even said that restrictions and lockdowns won’t make a difference though. Then this means that the government are doing whatever they want, making random decisions based on things they’re told. It has to end now. We can’t willingly agree to this agenda that probably will lead into a full lockdown using whatever excuses after Christmas.

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  1. At least they have shown some interest in vaccinating you; with me it’s just tumbleweed, again, in spite of being in one of the higher-risk groups (diabetes and an “excitable” immune system aren’t great, I understand) but given the amount of stress I had trying to organise the previous ones and that I still have joint problems, I think I’ll pass. That thing with me having to organise it, as has everyone else; ever noticed how the more managers the NHS has, the harder it is to get anything done?

    Still, that’s nothing compared to the fat useless halfwit in № 10. I’m convinced every one of his decisions is primarily to maximise chaos. I’m not one of these anti-vax/mask types so that’s not where I’m coming from, it’s the way he blusters, gives utterly confused mixed messages every single time and then makes arbitrary decisions on the spot which “coincidentally” seem to create confusion, inconvenience, hardship and suffering for everyone else while he swans off and does all the stuff he’s told everyone else they can’t do and laughs and lies about it. A Bullingdon Boy being a complete shit simply because he can? Surely not! Ugh, we had enough of that with Cameron, who at least pretended (unconvincingly) to be statesmanlike. Bojo can get stuffed. Useless twat.


  2. Emma,

    I am sorry that you are having such a hard time and thanks for telling people about yourself.

    I read your Bio and I can empathise in a concrete way.

    I am lucky ( I think ) in that I have never been “captured” by the system but have managed to dance through the minefield for most of my life.

    I don’t actually know what is wrong with me in clinical terms as no medical professional has ever tagged me but my life has been very odd.

    When I left home , I could not understand how to relate to people and I only understand this in retrospect.

    Looking back on my behavior , I cringe with embarrassment at some of the things that I did although none of it was illegal , just odd.

    I just could not understand how to relate to others in an environment that was alien to me.

    For example , when I met my Girl Friend’s family for the first time , they would hug each other.
    For some reason , I found this quite odd. We just did not do that in our family.

    My father had Bipolar depression so very few people would come and visit the house.
    Loved my parent’s to bits , no complaints there.

    But , as Carl Jung once said , “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.”

    I do not think we are alone in our various anxieties and mental anguish , far from it.

    Hope this makes some kind of sense.

    Best Wishes



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