We could achieve much more with appropriate support.

I got my first level 2 module TMA back this evening. 58%. We are not officially allowed to discuss our grades between each on OU platforms. This is my personal platform and I am ok with sharing this information. The grade links to what I am here to say. It will all flow together. I have read the feedback. Many of the things I am struggling with is linked to my disability. I can’t access the proper support for those issues due to not having an up to date needs assessment. They are extremely hard to get as an adult as only certain ones get accepted due to the strict criteria on what DSA (student finance england) sees as evidence. It has to be done by a specific learning disability assessor. Then when I do look there are none in my area. That is not just my point though. Why should I have to go through so much hassle and jump through hoops like a performing seal just to get support in certain areas where I have difficulties? It is hard enough getting by on a daily basis. I don’t need the complications but I am going to fail my degree if I don’t do something. The OU know about my disability but I have no official assessment of needs to show as proof. I have issues that don’t fit into one category and are quite complex as a whole. I don’t want to quit but also don’t want to fail my degree.

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