Mentally I feel like the weather today.

I didn’t sleep much last night so I have been drifting off and waking up the last few hours. This time I woke up hearing the horrendous weather outside. The rain sounded quite heavy and it was windy earlier. It doesn’t sound pleasant out there. I am glad to be inside with my warm duvet over me and central heating turned on. I feel the cold quite a lot and it is uncomfortable for me to the point where it kicks off my autistic sensory issues. I feel so awful at the moment. I mentally cannot function properly. I am just burnt out and totally had enough. I keep seeing hallucinations in front of me in the form of colours. Since I woke up everything seems to have a slight red hue to it. I haven’t been able to concentrate for a while now. I keep forgetting names etc. I used to be so good at remembering names. I even know the information one minute but I forget it while in the same conversation or even in my thoughts. Then my insomnia has thrown any type of sleep pattern hopes away at the moment. I just can’t do a lot now and keep getting extremely tired after barely doing anything. I think my body isn’t keen on all the gym sessions I have tried to do lately.

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