I did well to even get out of the door today.

I didn’t want to get up today, let alone go out. I didn’t go the gym but I managed to get out to get a few bits. I threw a load of rubbish out from my flat which was making it look a mess. I finally got some thermal socks. I kept seeing mens around but my feet are way to small to wear them. I even get swamped in ones made for females. I haven’t seen daylight again because I was asleep but I didn’t sleep lady again last last night again. I have sleep some time. I had to take a painkiller due to cold weather making my joints ache so much last night. That is why I am going to start wearing thermal stuff as it is just getting too cold.

I was never going to join TikTok but I am glad that I did. I was told that I had to be where the social media popularity was at any specific time for blog publicity. The irony that I trained in media production: film and tv btec but absolutely don’t like that side of media work, but i am now making videos like everyone else on the app is kind of ironic. I never thought that I would be actually doing any of that… ever. I find that side difficult but writing effortless (apart from when doing factual assignments for university modules).

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