Worrying things that I can relate to.

I don’t normally post this many times a day but I keep forgetting to mention this due to having a lot on my mind right now. Someone posted a simulation of being inside the head of someone with schizophrenia. I have a diagnosis of a form of autism and suspected borderline personality disorder. I have never considered any other conditions previously. I haven’t had the experience of the simulation many times in my life but I did briefly start seeing floating faces in front of my face and hearing voices a few times a few years ago. It was an horrendous year (2018) when my benefits got switched so they ended up going so far down that I had barely anything to live on. I fostered a cat for a charity for a while who was traumatised themselves due to their background. I only just managed to get her adopted to someone else before ending up in prison. Obviously, it was stressful also trying to dodge police visits and avoid court dates. I wasn’t able to rest because I was worried that I would be arrested for breaking the restraining order. There was a few people around locally that were also making my life stressful at that time. That is when I experienced that kind of thing but it hasn’t happened that severely since.

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