Worn out after yesterday.

I could barely stay awake today after constantly being out yesterday. I was going to do the other half of my gym session today before going to a relatives for dinner. That never happened. I was so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open after doing even the tiniest of things. It didn’t help that I had a few drinks when l got home which gave me insomnia until nearly 7 am this morning. I drank the night before too so I have to quit for a while now before I become nocturnal. I had to go home to pee on my walk. I keep getting an extremely runny nose which is absolutely driving me crazy. I can’t keep my bag on my shoulder because it keeps slipping off. Today just seems like an uphill struggle. I also think that I have just walked the wrong way due to all the distractions created by my nose and bag. I am sure that I will come out on the main road at some point. I can now see a place I recognise. I even can’t get lost in a village.

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