Month: December 2021

  • I don’t get it. I have been punished and suffered enough.

    Happy new year before I forget. Anyway, now that is over I shall say what is in my head. How can a person completely flip reverse on me and still not be talking to me after a week if they ever remotely liked me as a friend? I did the wrong thing but not maliciously. […]

  • I can’t do what I want in my life.

    I know that I preach the lets all be free spirits thing but ironically that is something I am not able to be in my offline life. I change my hair and say that I am going to dye it neon pink once it is lifted enough. I get told that I am too old […]

  • I had an extra long sleep.

    I woke up later than I had planned today. It was like someone had knocked me out because I was that deeply asleep. The cats were curled up next to me looking extremely comfortable so even they hadn’t woken me up for food. We all enjoyed our long chilled out sleep though. I just fed […]

  • New me in progress.

    I have one of my current favourite songs on repeat while laying in a bath planning on becoming a new me (best thing to do when you’re hurting over another). I am quitting the alcohol at new year. I am planning to bleach my hair to put on neon pink temporary colour. It isn’t going […]

  • Guess it is over then?

    Well, if the other person truly felt the same they would have popped back up in my DM’s by now. Again, like always, I mean nothing to those that mean something to me. I don’t know why I bother trying for others. They just don’t even appreciate it. Some efeb berate me and tell me […]