Today I made up for my recent laziness.

I wasn’t able to go to the gym yesterday. I made up for missing a session due to the weather conditions. I did 4000 steps pacing in my flat in the early hours of the morning because I couldn’t sleep. I slept well after I did finally sleep at 5 am. I went for a walk which resulted in me totalling 19,000 steps and I am off to the gym soon (going the shop next to it for a few bits so may as well do my session while I am over there). It has warmed up so there is less ice around. I have my open uni tutorial tomorrow and then other plans so I can’t fit it in. If you want results you have to put the work in. I have decided to not weigh myself tonight when at the gym. That is a bad habit that I don’t want to get into. This time of the month my weight fluctuates due to hormones anyway. I feel like I have lost a little more weight but that will go up and down due to when I was ill for a week I barely ate so now I will be consuming my normal calories. The consistency was broken and it could go either way after when going back into routine.

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