I don’t like how people make money out of programs to do with autism.

I have seen the program advertised regarding paddy and christine mcguiness and autism to do with their children and recently christine was also officially diagnosed. I am sure that they do these programs with the most genuine intentions to increase awareness. I just have done the same for years since the age of 17 for no payment whatsoever. I have dealt with all the hassle that comes with the role, fell out with a lot of people and had my name thrown into all the mud in the process. I ended up traumatised by some of the fall out. I did that work all to prevent the next generation after myself having to go through the same experiences. There is still a lot of work to do in that department but it has improved since I was a teenager. I half support these programs done by those that are seen as celebrities but people might just view these things as cheap gimmicks by those with celebrity status as purely an hour of television viewing. Even if they aren’t getting paid for the actual programs it still leads to other paid things that others (normal average people) who do not work due to their issues don’t get the chance to do. We need awareness and to educate people in a way that improves the lives of the whole community rather than just those in the spotlight. We need to put something back for those that are stuck in a position that will basically be their lives forever due to circumstances. The circumstances caused by how people react to autism etc.