Just… no today… any kind of way.

I was reluctantly awake every few hours today. I did have plans but after the snow arrived they were not happening due to driving conditions. People are still driving about but not the normal amount of cars are going passed our block of flats. I don’t want to eat. I’m just not hungry. I am not eating much in general at the moment. I have noticed by how much bread I have left by the end of the week. I am normally into a second loaf by the end of the week but still got a bit of last weeks loaf. That bit is going a little stale and was tasting slightly off when I had some two days ago. I have some frozen so it isn’t like I have no more if it has gone a bit mouldy. I have been sipping water all day when I have been awake. I know what people are thinking, me drinking plain water is weird, who am I? I am too tired to get up so water is an easy option to leave next to me. I just can’t eat much without feeling full. I had breakfast cereal earlier but even that is the special K flakes without the fruits in which isn’t what I would normally go for, my normal choice is peach and apricot but I have gone off the sweetness. I don’t have sugar in my tea and have cut down on alcohol to twice a week at the most. That will be a huge cut of sugar in the last few weeks. I still have sugar in every day food if its part of the ingredients. The diet drinks that I have are sweetened without sugar.