It never seems to end…

I literally woke up feeling sick. That just makes things feel ten times worse. I swear that I have a migraine coming on. I have to get on with everything that I haven’t got done this week today. I can’t top up my gas or electric (the electric is near to running out) because boosts top up system is asking to provide a billing address and saying the post code is invalid. Their account has also disappeared off Twitter which is worrying with all the energy companies going down at the moment. I have a phone number from their help page on their internet site. I am not a fan of using the phone but if I don’t get hold of someone my electric will completely run out. Then the cat, Mimi, starts refusing to eat despite asking me for food. I will have to take her back to the vets if she is still like this by Monday. I am going to try giving her the cat painkillers in some food in case her mouth is still sore. I have to do that before she completely refuses to eat. I have the medication to increase her appetite but if she is in pain that won’t help matters. She is getting quieter again like she was before her mouth problem was diagnosed. She has gum disease which may mean they have to remove some teeth if they start causing her discomfort. I worry that she isn’t drinking because I haven’t seen her use the water bowls. The other cat doesn’t drink much. Cats don’t seem to like drinking water in general.

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