Non productive day today. / I am really not scared of certain things.

I managed to get a lot of sleep because my cold is still making me a little tired. I had to go out before the pharmacy closed as I had to pick up my prescription. The strap on my bag broke again when I had just gone out so I had to repair it on the way to where I was going. The random cat strolled into mine when I opened the window for a bit. It must be watching the windows around here. It stopped to look at me on the way passed to go back outside. It literally eats all my cats food, every single last bit. There was nothing down the other day due to my cats having eaten it all. The thing went through my bin bags. This cat has got twice as fat as when I saw it a few weeks ago. I hope its not a pregnant female cat as they will just drop their kittens in any place that they feel maybe safe, these will be newborn tiny hairless kind which are difficult to look after if the mother cat walks away. It is checking me out from a distance when it does come in. I can’t approach it yet because it just runs off.

I also keep getting asked whether I am scared of the orbs that appear when I am filming videos due to the fact that it means spirit manifestation. I haven’t given it any thought. It took me years to get the guts to own a haunted doll. If they want to hang around in my space then I am cool with that. They know my boundaries. I ask that they don’t throw my stuff, keep me awake, mess with electrical things until they break or scare the cats. I have seen the cats playing with their toys like someone was with them. They also stare at things I can’t see like they are communicating with someone. I am totally fine with that. If hanging around here makes the spirits feel comforted then I am happy to let them stay.