Staying consistent… hopefully.

I got myself back to the gym this afternoon. I woke up this morning feeling like I needed a rest day. I fell asleep again and after my nap I was less achy from muscle training and my feet was no longer sore from my walk. I decided to push myself to go to the gym. I need to go to the hairdressers. I have those kinds of split ends which feel like a ball on the end. I stupidly just pulled it on one of my strands and it snapped. I am trying to grow it so that isn’t a good sign. I don’t go hairdressers that often because they cut too much hair off the ends. That isn’t what I need while growing it. The dead ends are the only thing I need removing otherwise they split up my hair. I didn’t weigh myself today due to only doing it on Sunday. I don’t want to put a dampener on my day. I am highly unlikely to have lost anymore weight in only 2 days and if I am rebuilding muscle that may take up the number. I am still turning my body from fat to muscle so focusing on the scale numbers could be soul crushing. I try not to get into that pattern. I used to do it daily and it was so depressing, I was two stone lighter then. The scales broke and I threw them out but never replaced them. I need to go the gym 3 times at the least if I want to start making progress. I do 40 lifts on each weight machine that I use and 30 minutes x3 on different cardio machines, an hour and a half in total. 3 x that is 600 lifts on each machine a week and 3 and a half hours cardio. That isn’t counting the odd walk a few times a week that I may do 2 or 3 times a week. That doesn’t feel that much if it is broken up into sessions. There are some people that go every single day which explains why they have no fat on them whatsoever. I am just not that type of gym person.