I’m still so tired. I can do more now.

I managed to go for a walk today despite having to take something to control my monthlies. I would have been fine if I wasn’t coughing with this flu bug. It seems that lots of people have the same thing. I thought it was just a reaction to the booster until it turned into a fully fledged cold. I am a lot better than I was … the extra sleep has literally taken away all the usual tiredness in my face. I swear that even my hair has changed colour, I don’t know how that is… but it appears to be lighter. I needed to get out for a while today because I haven’t been out for a walk since Wednesday. I won’t lose any more weight if I stop for more than a few days. It won’t seem so hard to go back to the gym etc when this clears up in a few more days. I know this is bad and I said that I never would but I am listening to christmas songs in November. They were on apple music so I clicked on them. I am one of those people that tell others not to start before December. It must be everything that I have taken for my cold over the last week.