Slightly better today. I no longer have insomnia.

I am getting better… slowly. I was extremely tired again today. I couldn’t do a lot. I still had my flu thing and my monthly decided to get quite bad. The best thing about this flu thing is the fact I no longer have any insomnia. The last few days especially I haven’t had to even try to get to sleep. I have a natural off switch as soon as I am comfortable. I fell asleep on the sofa after my bath yesterday evening. I got up about midnight and fell asleep within an hour of getting into my bed. I have to change my bed sheets due to my monthly going over it during the long sleep I had earlier. Sometimes it is good to do as little as possible. I had no choice but to be up early and get out Monday and Tuesday due to the cat needing to be admitted to the vets. I probably should have been resting at that point but I couldn’t. The cat seems to be getting better, she can meow properly again now, and they are both snoozing at the moment. I am sat next to mister on the sofa. Mimi has wrapped herself in my duvet.