Well… it has been one of those days since I properly got up.

I went for a walk around the block when I got up. I needed it because I haven’t been able to get out for the last few days due to going back and forth to the vets to sort the cat out. I was enjoying my time out on my own away from pets and other people (turned my social media notifications off so it was peaceful). Unfortunately, I got more 500ml pepsi max’s than I normally did due to them being on an offer in a local shop. I buy them every day to drink one on my walk so this was going to save me money. I put them in my handbag that had already had issues with its straps. Anyway, all but one side of the straps decided to give up this time. I had to carry my broke bag under my arm full of stuff for about a mile because it decided to break when I was no where near my home. I was going to go for a longer walk if that had not occurred. I need to mend my bag properly before I go out with it again. I also still feel like crap due to my cold so I am going to chill for the rest of the night.