The last 24 hours have been so tiring and it never ends!

I have to give my cat antibiotics and she won’t eat them even though I put them in her wet food as instructed. I managed to get the other medication into her earlier which was in a syringe that I had to put into her mouth. She can’t not take the antibiotics otherwise she won’t get better. When Mister had them he took them straight away. I was given some other medication to increase her appetite. She was very hungry earlier but only picked at the stuff that I put the medication in. I am still not well myself. I can’t let her play up because it isn’t good for her not to take them. I am exhausted from the last couple of days. I just want to go to bed but this medication needs to go into her. I am not feeling well due to constantly getting a cough caused by the mucus from my cold leaking into my throat when I am sat relaxing. I can’t really relax until I am in bed in a certain position where nothing is building up causing me to cough. I have coughed so much over the last 48 hours that it literally hurts my muscles when I do it. This week has already felt so long, it doesn’t feel like that is going to stop any time soon.