Today has been completely mad and isn’t over yet.

I literally feel like I haven’t sat down much tonight. The cat is still at the vets having investigations done. I’m told that she should be done at some point tonight so I am on standby to pick her up when they call me. They cannot guarantee that she will definitely be home tonight depending on what the investigations find. They were also extremely busy today, we had an appointment at half 2 but didn’t get in until half 3 and lots of pets were being admitted as inpatients. I am not going to cook my dinner yet because that normally means that I will get a phone call in the middle saying that she is ready to be collected. I’m happy having a cup of tea to fill me up for the time being. Then the boiler started kicking off with error messages… why today? It has worked every other day completely fine. It kept kicking up a no pilot light due to leak or blockage up. I thought that it was broken until I just tried the gas cooker which also wasn’t working either so it just clicked that my gas supply had externally turned off due to my credit getting to the point where it was just pennies. I never actually ran out of credit. I just didn’t top it up as quickly as normal because I was ill last night when the low credit message came to my mobile. I have finished my TMA while waiting around for vets to deal with Mimi. I am so glad that is over as I kept over thinking it and making it harder. I don’t think that I did well but I tried my best. I couldn’t focus on anything when I had the cold/flu thing and my brain is still not back to normal even today. I have trouble with concentrating due to my autism side in normal circumstances. I struggle a lot with understanding, that would happen with any subject that I decided to study. I hate the subject but I want the final degree and that is the only thing that keeps me going at the end of every module when I am just wanting to quit completely.

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