Flu has given me an early night.

I tried to cope the entire day but by 5 pm I was extremely ill. I can’t stop coughing and having to blow my nose. I have to be ok for tomorrow because Mimi has to go the vet. I can’t rest throughout the week as my TMA has to be in by Thursday. I can’t get a further extension from my tutor. I am coughing so much it nearly made me sick. I don’t have anything in for a cough because I didn’t have one when I went to shop the other day. I should have bought it just in case. I have some older stuff in the cupboard which I took but I can’t be mixing too many things together or I might accidentally overdose on the ingredients. I just want to be better due to having a busy week. I have to get Mimi to the vets due to her issue preventing her from eating properly. I have to do that as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I have to ring up to hopefully get same day appointment on an emergency basis. I haven’t had a cold flu thing this bad ever. That is why I tested myself for covid. I can’t do anything, I’m uncomfortable and restless. You’re supposed to rest when you have flu. I am too uncomfortable to do that. I kept walking around earlier which is why I went to bed after taking cold remedies. It is the only way for me to properly rest if I am comfortable. That still may not happen but at least I tried. I must have bad flu because I was hallucinating after waking up during the night last night in half asleep mode. That might also have been the fact that I had taken medication to reduce symptoms so that I could sleep. Either way, it was surreal but not remotely scary. It takes a lot to scare me. I just want to be knocked out tonight without coughing and waking up with a runny blocked nose. I desperately need a rest from illness for a while.

Unseasonably up this morning… on a Sunday.

I woke up at 8 am and couldn’t get back to sleep because my flu thing was extremely bad. The medication for cold and flu isn’t particularly making it much better. The cat isn’t well either. She has nearly lost her voice. She can still make a noise but it sounds hoarse. I took some fleas off of her (she picks them up when she hangs outside). Anyway, I gave her some food, she tries her best to eat but her mouth looks sore so I think she may have got an infection from injuring her mouth and it has spread. I will have to get her to the vet at some point this week. I am sure that they will try to slot her in asap if I explain what she has wrong. She won’t get better without some treatment. I tried to give her water from a tube that came with the painkillers that mister was given when be had his issues. She wouldn’t take it and she ran off under the bed. She is refusing to come out. I know that I am not the best advert for things making my flu symptoms better but I am only trying to make her feel better. Water should make her throat better and I haven’t seen her drink from the water bowl. Mister will take water like that but he is more chilled than Mimi. I don’t spend as much time with Mimi due to her being independent. She spends a lot of time outside and doesn’t get ill much. Mister likes to be indoors quite a lot mostly sleeping. He does go outside but he is quite a sociable cat so he likes to hang inside with me. Mimi is selectively sociable. It depends if she finds something interesting outside.

I have so much housework to do but I don’t feel well enough to do it yet. I thought that it would get better after I had been up a few hours… it hasn’t yet.