Today has been difficult.

I managed to go for a walk today despite being full up with cold. Luckily it isn’t covid as I did a test when I got home. It must be just a flu type thing. I can’t hear properly because my head is still full of endless crap. I don’t know where its all coming from. I keep blowing everything out but it fills back up within a few minutes. I bought a load of those balm tissues because even toilet roll feels like rough. I have bought a load of cold remedies to make the symptoms more easy to deal with. I couldn’t sleep much last night because my nose wouldn’t stop running. I got the occasional few hours but kept getting woken up. I felt like face planting the floor when I got up at lunchtime. I made myself go for a walk and felt slightly better when I got home. I still have a blocked nose but feeling less like crap. There is nothing I can do to speed up healing, just got to wait it out. I can’t do much because my mind has gone fuzzie. That is probably more medication related than flu itself. I have been on various things like painkillers and other stuff to keep my nose from running to make cold symptoms more bearable. I am more comfortable but doped up.