Today didn’t go to plan.

I had the best intentions to go to the gym today. I got my kit ready and everything. I was also going to get up before lunch time… then my cold kicked off. I woke up and couldn’t stop blowing my nose. It won’t quit running! I fell back to sleep after taking a painkiller for my sore throat. I keep getting a dry throat too. I am going to just go for a walk today (got a few bits on the way round) and go the gym during the weekend after this part of the cold (or most likely the booster side effects). I have to do my TMA before my new deadline passes. I am still not sure what I am doing properly but I am sure that it will all fall into place when I answer the points of the question in parts. They have made it slightly more complex for my brain because they have said write a plan within 1000 words, half sets out the facts of the scenarios in question. However, we still have to do both references lists like it is a full essay question. Then my tutor told me that I had to write how I would plan it into an essay format if I was using this work as a way to plan an essay. I am going to look at everything again to see if it all clicks into place for my brain.

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