I slept last night and got up today… yes, this has surprised me too.

I have been sorting out my flat all day since I got up quite early. I did attempt to knit something but the wool knotted up. That is obviously a sign that I am not allowed to put certain jobs off. I am having me time in the bath before I do the other half of cleaning. I had to go out for a few bits. I had a sore throat so had to get painkillers. It took the edge off of it. I still think it is the side effects of the booster from Monday due to my Mum getting the same… hopefully that will be over soon. I have deep conditioner mask in my hair. The rain dried it out the other day. I have stripped some of it back to the bleached colours at the ends so they need more care than the darker parts. I have a lovely silvery blue streak running through it. I also got new pillows due to my old ones being completely flat and lifeless. So… my break is now over and I have the rest of my housework to do. I desperately need to dust as it is kicking off my allergies.

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