I am awake ok…

I woke up, did some housework and then went for a walk. I can’t feel the sore on my leg so hopefully it bas at least healed a scab over it. I got a few bits from the shop on the way so that is more stuff done making up for the fact that I slept in too long. If I can catch up with everything then sleeping too long doesn’t really make an impact. I still have a cold, my nose is running and I woke up with a sore throat. I wanted to go back to the gym today but I didn’t feel back to normal yet. I will be extremely annoyed if this stuff does make me infertile. I think it has knocked my hormones about… I will soon find out because my monthly is due in just over a week.

I have a new friend up north who I met via TikTok. She is older than me (most people I know are), into the same things as me and knows what it is like to have BPD. She also lays down the law to the trolls who shame people for who they are and how they live. I have her address, she gave it to me…. I didn’t have to force anything. I am sending her the scarf I am currently nearly finished knitting. She also knows all about housing etc so she could help me when I get my notice to quit etc.

Insomnia is driving me crazy.

I had my sleep pattern messed up due to the covid vaccine booster knocking me out the entire day. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I am tired but can’t sleep. I had to ask for an extension for my uni module TMA because I am not going to get that done by tomorrow. The mess has got quite bad around here due to not having the energy to get it done. I could barely get up for most of yesterday due to vaccine side effects so barely anything got done. I got up for a few hours in the evening to get food and something to drink briefly. I still feel a bit off but it fades after a few days. I didn’t even go out my flat since Monday due to how it knocked me out for hours. I am still not sure whether I am hot or cold. I feel cold but my skin is warm. I hope it passes because I want to go back to the gym by tomorrow at the latest. I might go later today but only if I feel better after a few hours sleep, if I can get a few hours sleep. I need the energy to do housework too. I will go for a walk if I don’t get to the gym today. I just want sleep before anything else. I need sleep to get any energy to get things done.