The covid booster has knocked me down today.

I have side effects from yesterday’s booster vaccine. I feel like I have the flu. I literally have to keep blowing my nose otherwise I get a headache because my head won’t stop filling up. I have taken a painkiller and resting for the day. I constantly feel cold and then hot which is quite irritating. I slept but I am still extremely tired. I need to be up at some point because I have things to do and if I don’t change my thigh’s plaster it may get infected. If its released sap again then that has to be taken away to stop it going wrong. It feels like it has done that while I was asleep. I just feel wiped by this booster at the moment. The first injection did the same to me. I didn’t get any with second dose, not even arm ache. This passes in a few days.

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