Evil is real and it can affect the physical world.

I have seen the events that happened in America this weekend at astroworld during Travis Scotts performance. I send my condolences to those that sadly died during the crushing in the mosh pits. I just want to cover certain parts on here because so many of us that can feel spiritual energy felt a sense of darkness in them this weekend. I had that strange dream yesterday evening with the cloaked demonic man wandering around. I have heard that this performer is into satanic things. The imagery at his concert was kind of scary to those of us that are aware that all those things were linked to darker aspects of the spiritual realm. I feel that I need to warn people about exploring those aspects. Demons do exist in a negative energy sense. They aren’t living beings like us. They are a mass of dark evil energy and we see them in a way that is familiar to us because our brains are used to the physical appearance of people. They will latch on to any satanic rituals like a magnet. They can and do have the power to totally destroy all aspects of a persons life. There is such a thing as promising your soul to the devil in return for fame, money, power, etc. You have to keep giving various sacrifices to the evil source to keep your power and fame or it turns the focus on the summoner and destroys them and their life. I can only guess that this may be what some famous people have done.