Insomnia is a nightmare! The cold weather is also causing me skin problems.

I didn’t sleep again the whole night. I slept most of the day which probably didn’t help. This weather is leaving me with dry chapped skin. That doesn’t help the whole getting to sleep thing. I have a really sore inner thigh where my skin has come off. I keep putting baby powder on it to try to keep the clear fluid draining from it dried. It happened on my walk last night. Things rubbed because my gym leggings kept falling down slightly and the cold temperatures made it chap me. I also sweated which added fluid to the mix. It is so sore now! I can’t even walk without catching it on my other thigh.

I was browsing TikTok earlier and various tarot readings were coming up saying that things are about to change, someone is going to make contact etc. I take them with a pinch of salt. However, if things along them lines are going to happen then right now all I want to do is sleep. I am extremely tired and quite sore. I walked away from everything and took back my power. I don’t intend to give anyone a chance to stroll into my life again after previously leaving it in ruins when I was at my most vulnerable. Sorry but I am just not interested in those kinds of games. I moved on and now certain people mean absolutely nothing to me. I am no longer some lap dog who pines for anyone to be in my life. I have met new people who don’t treat me like crap and who appreciate me for who I am, rather than demanding that I be something I can never be.

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