Sometimes it is easier to lie than tell the truth.

I believe in telling the truth but I haven’t always not lied. I didn’t feel that I could possibly tell the truth when it came to my mental health or autism. I told lies to cover up the damaged parts of me. I should’ve just told the truth but there was a hell of a lot more stigma during those times than there has been the previous few years. I don’t know how I can possibly explain aspects of borderline personality disorder and Pathological demand avoidance without making people assume that I am either a weirdo, trouble maker or potential danger. How do you explain aspects of those traits without evoking those assumptions in other peoples minds? The medical profession treats people with BPD like they are manipulative awful individuals anyway and they supposedly have an idea what it is. I would have loved to have been able to disclose the truth in past instances but I said I had cancer or some other physical illness which people do carry some kind of sympathy towards. I am not proud of lying but the truth was too hard to understand for others. Either way others will be angry with the lie or my BPD I was trying to cover up. I couldn’t win in reality. I just wanted to be liked and BPD doesn’t help in that department.