Made it to the gym tonight.

I finally got my lazy ass out of bed. I definitely needed the extra sleep. I feel so much better now! I didn’t go for a walk today as there are stupid kids (well teenagers) egging houses in the area where I live. I saw it on one of the local area things as I was getting dressed to go gym this evening. I look a lot better for seeing daylight the last two days and the bags have gone from my eyes after that long sleep. I haven’t eaten today since breakfast cereal at about 5am this morning. That is showing in my performance. I can’t up my performance in regard to weight level and add more lifts yet. I’m able to lift more weight by the bottom half of my body. I still haven’t built up the strength in my arms yet. I should have reasonable strength in my arms due to lifting bags of cat litter into my flat from the car park once a week. I shouldn’t have weighed myself today as my weight hasn’t changed (despite the walking), it may be built muscle rather than fat but it still put a dampener on my progress. I am exercising and typing which means I am trying to stay motivated. I will be so happy when I am under 13 stone, only a few lbs to go. I still have over a stone and a half to lose until I am back to the weight appropriate for my height. That will just help me fit into my clothes much better if I get to 12 stone something, then I will aim for 11 stone which is where I was drifting for the last few years before I ballooned. Then at least I will know I am back to where my body was naturally drifting after hitting 30 years old. Then I will be upping my efforts as being lighter I will be able to move much easier due to how I am naturally built, at the moment I am dragging my extra weight around which gets tiring when working out due to being built petite.