I popped onto TikTok live for a short time. Too fat for the camera yet.

I am not sure how or if you can watch replay a TikTok live but I did log on for about 15 minutes to show off some of my witchy stuff. I was as confident as I could be for that short time. The whole thing about being on camera doesn’t feel natural to me. I also look extremely fat on a camera at the size that I am at the moment. I tried my best but I just hate the way my figure has gone bulgy. I look like I have sumo legs. I can’t be confident again until I’m at least a few stone lighter. I booked my booster vaccine today for next week as mother wanted to go have it, I may as well have it while I’m there. That might make me unbalanced hormonally and fatter even more so.

There is always a long list of tasks for me to do…

I got home late tonight. I had to do a lot at stupid o clock. I changed the bed covers. Combed the cats to check whether they had flees. They have got them 3 times in the last few weeks despite having flee spot on applied. It is absolutely driving me mad at the moment. I keep spraying around my furniture and carpets to make sure the flees don’t jump off the cats and survive. I got bitten on my leg and stomach. I washed my hair with a deep conditioning mask after my bath tonight so had to dry that before I went to bed. I did some of my law notes for our first TMA while waiting for it to dry. I also put a load of washing in the washing machine which will just be ready to take out to leave on the airing rack tomorrow.

I have to sleep quite soon because I have a lot to do tomorrow too. I have the cats litter trays to clean out, pick up my medication, clean the bathroom, food shop, prepare for my live TikTok at 10pm… fit in a walk if it isn’t raining the entire day.