I saw daylight but got blown away!

I managed to see daylight today but nearly got blown away on my walk. It is definitely changing the weather now. The wind is so strong that when you’re in places with no wind breaks you nearly get blown over! Maybe I’m just not used to being lighter yet. I am walking down a road with large trees overhanging so also hoping that they stay put in this wind. I think one of the trees have fallen on this road a few years ago. I am out tonight driving, there will probably be things blown into the road on the way home. I heard that those of us that have had the covid vaccination more than 6 months are now going to be asked to go for the booster from November. I reluctantly took the initial two doses, we were never told there would be a booster at that point. I am not keen on taking another. I had the AstraZeneca one before they discontinued it for my age group. I had some dodgy blood test results months after having my vaccine and the injury in my ankle never properly healed (its still warm in the joint where I twisted my ankle and that leg swells up regularly). I had a bad feeling about the first round of jabs but I went against my intuition and took it because I thought that morally it was the right thing to do. The they stopped that brand for my age group so maybe I should have listened to my uneasy feeling.